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Top: Primark £13
Jeans: Zara £19.99
Shoes: eBay £24.99
Checked Poncho: Bhs £12.99

Hey guys!!

So now that September has arrived the weathers started to transition, I've found myself pulling out more layers to wrap up in. I love this poncho I got last year, it's perfect for when the weathers undecided, so when it's sunny you can just throw it over your shoulder and then wrap it around when it decides to get dull, it can also act as a statement piece with it's bold print and give any plain outfit a bit of interest.

I've been getting a bit bored with the black lips, berry colors and coffee shades have really been catching my eye when it comes to lippies recently, I don't know if i'm the only one who's head over heels for Sepia by Anastasia Beverley Hills? I need it in my life!! The whole cool toned make up is so gorj at the moment, I'm always on Instagram searching for make up looks that I can recreate.



Shirt Dress: Primark £13
Camisole: Primark £2.50
Skinny Jeans: River Island £45
Choker: Primark £4.50
Shoes: H&M £25
*Sunglasses: zeroUV*

Happy Friday all!!

I cannot tell you guys how much fun I had taking pictures of today's outfit, I was prancing around feeling like Marilyn Monroe swaying this super long shirt dress haha!! A couple of weeks back I was generally looking around Primark just browsing, on my way out I saw this shirt dress and thought 'you have to be mine' lol I don't know why but that always happens, whenever I'm about to leave a store I always spot something I like and have to stand in the longest ques again :| But think its a really nice print to add to my wardrobe as I don't own many prints as such, and this is almost a very chic kind of print I feel, that I can dress up or down.

Iv got the biggest love for big sunglasses, as you can probably tell from the pictures lol for some weird reason they make me feel super confident, I'm the shyest person you'll ever meet seriously, so I think it's because they cover most of my face I feel more confident :S

Besides the outfit, I've really been looking forward for autumn to make its way now. I'm already sporting the dark lips again and turning to darker colored clothing, and even lusting over coats online. I can't wait to have late night hot drinks under the duvet and feeling cozy and warm haha!!

Anyhow, lets stay with now and not get too carried away... I hope you all have a fab weekend! :)



T-Shirt: Primark £8 (mens)
Mom Jeans: Topshop £35
Leather Jacket: £40
*Shoes: Missguided*

Hey guys!!

Hope your all having a lovely week despite the miserable British weather!!

I feel like the weather recently has really made me confused on what I should wear, it just doesn't seem to make it's mind up, it's been so gloomy the past few days, I almost feel like autumns here :|

I've been hawking Instagram recently of people wearing their t-shirts this whole knotted way, and I just love it!! I think its so cool to just add a little something to any old plain tee. It gives a really laid-back look as well as a little fashion forward look. If like myself you hoard basic tee's in different neck styles then this little 'add on' is just perfect!! I've seem to have accumulated a ton of basic tee's this summer, so sometimes wearing just a plain old t-shirt can get a little boring sometimes.

I must add that these MISSGUIDED shoes are just AMAZE :| the quality and comfort you just can't go wrong, I did get them a little while back and I just love wearing them. Being a person who can't walk in heels to save their life, shoes like these are just perfect as they are super easy to walk in because of the level platform but also because of the ankle strap they feel that extra supported.



Jeans: Zara £19.99
Shirt: Primark £9
Shoes: H&M £25
Necklace: Primark £1.50

Happy Saturday guys!!

So I'm back with another outfit post, I've been loving the whole extreme ripped denim trend at the moment and I just had to grab these during the sales from Zara. The quality is great and they are just perfect for summer,I managed to pick up another ripped pair from Zara but not as cut out as much as these but still very ripped in a cigarette cut, I'm obsessed!!

I think it's always so easy to just pair a nice casual shirt with ripped denim as anything funky on top can sometimes look a little too cray cray, I got this shirt from Primark at a right bargain and the colour is just perfect seeing as I live in black and white most of my life. Primark recently have had some really nice jewelry pieces and I've found myself steering across the necklaces a lot, this minimal necklace was just £1.50 so I would have been quiet silly if I didn't get it, but they've also had some gorj tribal statement necklaces which is right up my street!!

I'm still loving my H&M pointy heels that I grabbed last year which I was unsure about getting at the time but I'm so glad I did get them, they dress up any outfit but still look casual at the same time, like I didn't think about the outfit but it looks like I did kind of thing lol

So since my last outfit post I dived onto the bandwagon of the whole balayage trend and got my hair did. I absouletly love it even though my hair can sometimes feel like a haystack if I don't give it the care it needs, I'm thinking about putting even more chunkier and lighter blonde bits in it but I'm not sure if that will look a little o.t.t. what do guys think? :s

I'm thinking of doing a how I style ripped denim video next, as I've got SO many ripped denim jeans in different styles, let me know what you guys think or if you have any other suggestions or anything you would like to see :)



Happy Sunday everyone!!

So it's finally here!! My first Youtube video and that of my top 5 favourite lippies!!

It took me forever to decide what type of video to do and I ended up filming so many different things but I just wasn't happy with the outcomes, but finally I have something that I can start with.

I gathered that the amount of bold lips I rock on my outfit posts on my blog, it would work to show off some of my fave colours in a video, a lot of you always comment on the black lips that I always have on my outfit posts.

I can't describe the excitement of starting on Youtube, I was literally turning into jelly on a plate when I pressed the publish button, thinking all sorts of things, whether people will like it, if the quality is good enough and if people are even going to want to watch my silly self haha! But I decided to go with it and fingers crossed you all like it!!

I'm currently thinking of what types of videos to film for you guys so any suggestions of what you would like to see are more then welcome in the comments :D 



Wool Coat: Primark £25
Checkered Shirt: H&M £12
Turtle Neck Jumper: Primark £8
White Skinny Jeans: River Island £45
Ankle Boots: H&M £12

Hey loves!!

Now that it's March, the weathers slightly been better the past week and the sun's been out and about a little more so I've found myself steering away from all my chunky winter knits. 

I have so many basic turtle necks in different colours and sometimes it can get a bit boring wearing a plain turtle neck on jeans so I chucked a checkered shirt on top to give a bit of print to the whole outfit. I always find that layering with blocks of colour and prints always gives a bit more 'personality' and 'individuality' to any outfit.

I think this coat has been seen everywhere, the oversized grey coat from Primark that also came in a mauvey pink colour. I have to admit I was hunting for it for months!! I just couldn't find my size, until I gave in and thought i'll just get a size 12 and take it in a bit, so that's what I eventually had to do. I'm really into the whole oversized coats trend thats going on at the moment, I've been seeing a lot of camel oversized coats everywhere and it seems to be growing on me, I think I may just have to get one in a camel colour now lol.

So guys, as much as I hate to spill the beans that, I'm actually going to grow a year older next Wednesday boo hoo!! lol And so for my birthday my husband has actually decided for us to go Spain for about 10 days, which I'm SUPER excited about!! We're going to be staying right next to the coast so the beach is literally a 5 minute walk which is perfect!! If you guys have been to Spain and have any recommendations of places to visit then please let us know in the comments, as it's our first holiday together as husband and wife we want to explore and enjoy the country as much as we can in the time that we are going so all your suggestions would be so much help!! :D

I'll be updating while on our trip on my Instagram so be sure to check it out on the_goldenmonkey :D




Sleeveless Knit Top: Zara £9.99
Aztec Woven Skirt: Zara £9.99
Biker Leather Jacket: Topshop £40
Ankle Boots: H&M £12

Happy weekend guys!!

I've been wearing so many pieces from Zara lately, I managed to pick up some gorj things from the sale. I got this sleeveless knit from their quiet some time ago during a sale, but I grabbed this skirt during the Boxing Day sales, it was chaos guys like a crazy mad house and there was one woman following me the whole time in the hope I put the skirt back on the rail so she could get her hands on it haha!!

I just had to walk out with the skirt in my hands, at £9.99 the quality is really good, it's really thick fabric as it's woven, so the pattern isn't a print as such, but instead woven with thick threads so you can still be warm in the cold days but still get away with wearing a nice skirt!!

Another steal from the sales are these beaut of a pair of booties. Again, they do look like they would be from Zara as their a super slick and smart boot, but they caught my eye online on H&M and they where only £12!!

Please don;t mind the sudden change of the half up half down hair do in the images guys lol I just couldn't make my mind up of how I wanted my hair to be so I thought lets just do a bit of both :P