Smart Joggers: Primark £12
Cat Eye Sunglasses: ASOS £12
Shoes: H&M £24.99

Happy Monday all!!

The lovely people at French Connection sent me over this AMAZING sweatshirt tshirt, I'm so in love with it, my wardrobes so full off dull colours, black white and greys and this is just the perfect amount of colour to introduce into my wardrobe for the sunnier days weve been having recently. I'm always worried about getting bold prints as I'm used to wearing solid colours but this is such a beaut print, with not so many colours jumping in your face it looks like just the perfect amount of pattern and colour. The quality is top notch, the fact that its a tshirt but the fabrics the same a sweatshirt so it keeps you warm enough for the transitioning weather. I love the fact that the zips actually do open at the bottom, those fake zips that some brands put just for the show really put me off, but these create a different hem if you wish to open one or both of them.

Ive been obsessing over sunnies at the moment guys!! I recently got these gorj cat eye sunnies from ASOS and it weren't long until they where sold out so I'm so glad I got my hands on them!! They look super chic and go with absolutely everything, I think they put any outfit together perfectly



Cropped Sweatshirt: eBay
Sheer Shirt: Dorothy Perkins (old)
Black Skinny Jeans: Primark £11
Statement Necklace: Primark £8
Longer Necklace: Mum's
Slip-ons: Topshop £20

Happy Friday and weekend all!!

If you've been following me on Instagram you will have already seen this gorgeous statement necklace. Ive been seeing these ethnic type statement necklaces creep up here and there recently and I have to say it's right up my street!! I love the whole style of them and being hindu my mum has loads of them from years back that where gifted to her when she got married, those are real silver though but still in the same style and I'm so glad I can make use of them in my outfits!! But if any of you want to grab this one I'd suggest you run to Primark theyre only £8!! Such a bargain!! The longer one in the pictures is actually one of mum's, I decided to layer them both up as I think they super cool layered on top of each other.

I decided to layer up today with different textures, I love the look of sheer fabric with something a lot more thick like this sweatshirt, gives the perfect contrast. And not to forget my ever so loved Topshop slip-ons which I think a lot of you might be fed up of seeing now haha!

These past few days have been so manic guys!! It just so happens to be my birthday on Tuesday so trying to get things organzied has been a little mental. Not going to be doing much just have a family get together but for some reason things have just got so on top of me it feels like there arent enough hours in the day to get things done, but I've finally got round to getting everything done today so I'm looking forward to having a relaxed weekend before I turn old haha!! 

Anyhoww guys, I hope you all have a lovely weekend too!! :)



White Minimal Pleather Tshirt: eBay £19.99
Pleather Trousers: H&M £24.99
Slip-ons: Topshop £20

Hey guys!!

Thought I'd share one of my own pieces today, I'm loving minimal clothing at the moment and I'm adding similar pieces to some of the clothing I'm making, one of them is this pleather tee. It's an over-sized tee with half length sleeves, I think the longer length sleeves on tshirts at the moment looks extremely chic and sophisticated, a much more slicker look than a standard casual tshirt. The pleather's slightly stiff to give it the perfect structure but soft at the same time, I've been seeing so many structured pieces at the moment especially made out of neoprene with really simple seams and details.

I went a bit pleather crazy and paired it with my pleather trousers from H&M, a typical monochrome look, but I added my still shoes obsession Topshop slip-ons for the extra detail, they are the perfect comfy shoe!!


Look | Camel Coats

Coat: Primark £28
Jumper: Superdry £25 (old)
Jeans: River Island £45 (old)
Slip-ons: Topshop £20

Happy Monday all!! Hope you all had a good start to the week!!

Lately I've been seeing camel coats everywhere, the colour is bang on trend mainly in the oversized/longline coats. I grabbed this one a few weeks back from Primark, I thought it was such a bargain at £28 I would have been silly not to get it. I loved the contrast pleather sleeves in a raglan cut and the ribbed cuffs on the sleeves to give it the right detail, but mainly the collar was what did it for me, I love the no collar look, it looks so simple and minimal, so for me this coat had everything in one!!



*Neoprene Dress: Warehouse £38*
Fluffy Crop Top: Primark £10
Chunky Chelsea Boots: New Look £24.99

Hi all!!

Ok, so a bit of a all black everything kinda outfit today, Warehouse sent me over this amazing dress and I'm completely in love guys!! It's made from neoprene so fits perfect with the whole neoprene sports luxe trend at the moment, but most of all it's minimal detail is what makes it so chic. The neck line is just on point, with two simple darts and a slightly raised collar to give a really chic look. Being the perfect little black dress it's so comfy too, the neoprene is extremely soft and flattering and it's got a chunky zip at the back for an extra sporty look. Dressed up or down it's just right for any occasion I think, I decided to add my fluffy crop underneath to add some texture and give a little more casual chic look.

I decided to do something a little different with my hair, going for the minimal messy hair-do that I've being seeing all over Instagram lately, I thought it would pair up just right with the dress, and I have to admit I do like it!! I might switch up to this style a little more now, what you guys think??

Omg so I've been on the hunt for the perfect chelsea boots and was looking into getting the Vagabond Libby's but wasn't sure about forking out so much money on shoes, but thank the lord I found these beauties at New Look!! They've got the whole cleated sole and chunkyness and everythingg you could ask for and for only £25!! Glad I didn't go for the Vagabonds :P



Look | Pastel Pink Knits

*Over-sized Boyfriend Coat: Choies*
Jumper: River Island £15 (sale)
Jeans: River Island £45 (old)
Hi Tops: H&M £12

Hi All!!

I decided to go a little pink crazy today, I grabbed this gorj knit jumper from the sales at River Island, having so much black, grey and white collated in my wardrobe I thought it would a really nice subtle change with it still being light and not such an obstruct colour.

Loving the whole pastel and pink coat trend, I only thought it would be right to pair my over-sized boyfriend coat with the pink jumper. I love how it works though I thought I might look like a big milkshake blob haha!! But I think the shades of pink with the light blue from the jeans all ties in quiet well.

I'm so obsessed with the whole long-line boyfriend coats, all I find myself doing is liking looks on Instagram with long-line coats, think I've got a coat obsession lol even though I've got 5 coats this winter I still want more!!

Anyhow loves enough of my obsession rants!! I hope you all have a lovely weekend!! :) 



Look | Luxe Velvet

Jumper: Dorothy Perkins £12 (sale)
Floral Velvet Trousers: eBay £29.99
Shoes: H&M £24.99

Happy New Year loves!!! :D

My official first post of 2014 woop woop!! I hope you all had a fab and amazing New Year guys!! I spent two weeks up in London celebrating with my fiance hence the sudden absence of posts :( but I am back home and in full swing of things, even though I'm missing Christmas so much, I miss the Christmas tree, it almost felt like a family member! lol.

So how was all of yous Christmas and New Years go? I spent half of Christmas day at home with my fiance and my family and then we headed of to London in the evening to spend the rest of Christmas day with his family, which meant two Christmas dinners so we ate as if there's not going to be any food tomorrow haha! For New Years we went into Central London and watched the fireworks at the London Eye, I was being persistent to go as I'd never seen it before apart from the tele, it sure was a good experience!! The train home was a laugh though, a group of kids where adamant to get the entire train coach to sing along with them to Christmas songs, and they actually managed too, at one point the entire train was singing along, like a proper funny Youtube video, I so wish I recorded it!! lol. If only Christmas lasted longer.... :(

Anyhowww, to the outfit, I managed to grab so many knits at the Boxing day sales, it's literally all I got, just a heap load of chunky sweaters in different colours. I grabbed this white one from Dorothy Perkins for just £12 from £25, now I hardly shop at Dorothy Perkins but I happened to pop in there as I was at Westfield for the sales and thought I'd just check it out so I was so happy with this find. However it is a size 16, I'm a size 8 so it's massive on me but I love the look of huge jumpers so I still bought it, and I'm so happy with the fit!! Usually I only size up 1 or 2 sizes for a oversized look so I was a little worried when I was getting it.

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen that I finally grabbed a black lippy so I'm not using eyeliner anymore thank god! lol I picked up the Barry M one and it's fab, it's not drying and the colour pay off is good too!!

So guys, I hope you all have a lovely week ahead!! :D